Good packaging is an always a concern of manufacturing companies especially when it comes to durable  and biodegradable packaging.Chemical and pharmaceutical carry a wide range of materials which requires safe, durable, corrosion free and ecological packaging.
Fiber Drums sometimes referred as cardboard Drums are built strong from Kraft paper is one of the best option available so far. These robust packs, provides optimal protection to various chemical, pharmaceutical and food products. Eco canister in its R & D section has examined the other potion available in the market like steel drum or plastic drum.

There are a few advantages as follows:
• Provide reliable resistance to bacteria and fungi when it comes to hygiene
• Manageable in temperature extremes and stress
• Fully Recyclable
• Manufactured with low energy consuming process
• Lighter so easier to handle
• Creates very less noise when you moving it in workshop
• Stable price compared to Steel

Eco Canister, one of the Best Fiber Drum Manufacturers in Noida manufactures fiber drums on the parameters acceptable by chemical and pharmaceutical giants or standard set by Indian Institute of packaging. Maintaining the hygiene & quality it provides a variety of sizes that include 5 liter to 270 liter sizes. Drums are also available in a varied range of diameters and height. The fiber drums manufactured can be easily opened and have tamper evident sealing to make your product safe and secure.

In addition to this Eco canister manufacture customized order for clients. And this is one of the best advantage of paper fiber drum compared to other option available in the market. We manufacture customizable Fiber Drums which can be decorated along to its height, with painting or whatever you want.Your order will be designed on your choice and even produced in small series.

Although there are many styles, designs and variation of the fiber drum but all are manufactured from craft paper. The strength and performance of Fiber drum depends on the quality of Paper we have chosen, glue we have used and optimum layering that is required.

Maintaining the quality and being a Fiber Drum Manufacturer Eco Canister provide customization to a next level. We customize the outer layering with lamination to make it weather proof. We also provides sandwich laminated layers for manufacturing fiber drums. The sandwich laminated papers preserve aroma, flavor and moisture of the products. It also extends shelf life of the product.

Final Words: Fiber Drum is a cost-effective rigid packaging medium for powder, granular, paste, solid and semi-liquid products. Built up strong from renewable raw materials (Craft paper, Paper board), easier to handle, hygienic, Biodegradable, tensile, customizable and moist free. These properties make it popular every other day.
Please write to Eco Canister at info@ecocanister for any enquiry.


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