Composite Container


Composite Container: In very simple words we may define a canister or container, it is made from more than one constituent material (paper boards/Kraft paper) in order to maximize useful properties and minimize their weakness. Composite Containers are designed to suit the requirements of the end user keeping in mind the acceptability, ease and unique graphic design. We manufacture eco-friendly Container.

Our containers can be used and adapted for the food, toys and promotional, body care and wine.

Our Composite containers are made out of recycled paper/kraft board ensuring environment friendly.

We would be more than happy to advice and assist you with your business requirements, and previldged do everything within our means to ensuring to get full benfit of our experience and customer care.

What are our products made from?

  • Our products are made from eco-friendly materials such as Kraft recycled from wood pulp.
  • Kraft and paper board is made from several resources such as waste fiber, corn starch, wood cellulose and recycled unbleached paper.

We use our expertise to custom manufacture almost every size of container to best suit your needs. Our composite containers are designed to look attractive, functional and economical, keeping in mind versatility of contemporary packaging requirements. To find out more visit our Products page.

Get in touch with us to find out more!!

  • Composite Container with metal plate
  • Composite Container with Plastic cap
  • Beverages packing container


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