Paper cores are widely used for rolled paper, plastic or textile products or even used as mailing tubes, gift wrap etc. We at Eco Canister manufacture such paper cores and Composite cans. Do you know how to reuse or recycle these papers?
Reuse: Our R & D team has observed that most of the people throw it away in first use. But these paper cores and cans are very much reusable. You may use it in a variety of home decoration or for storage purposes. We have used short paper tubes as shoes rack at our offices, home and manufacturing plant at Noida. A no of small pieces of paper tubes can be integrated in such a way that can be used as wall partition in home or even in offices. These kind of reusability are fits good for your home and offices as these are very ecofriendly.


Recycling Paper core and Composite can Waste:
If the paper core or can is not in condition to reuse, you may send it to paper recycle centers. In recycling centers cores are shredded usually into small pieces by industrial shredders and then shredded pieces sent to other equipment for further processing into raw material. At the end the raw material re-made into paper rolls and now it is ready to use for manufacturing the paper cores and cans.
With the help of cardboard baler machine you compress your cardboard waste into a compact bale. Cardboard is bulky material so this baler machine clear up space in your company and helps you a better use of those spaces for managing inventory.
Why recycle Paper core and Composite can Waste?
Paper cores are made of paper, and the usable papers are made up of wood fibers. It takes 3 tons of wood to produce 1 ton of virgin paper. So this is very important to recycle unused paper cores and composite cans wastes for the production of new paper cores and allied papers.
Apart from the ecological advantages there also economic advantages of paper core and composite can waste recycling. Certainly sorting paper core and composite can waste on regular basis, lowers your waste collection costs.
We are very stringent for paper waste recycling. Have a separate team at Eco canister manufacturing plant at Noida for managing the paper waste and get it recycled on regular basis.


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