Paper Core


Paper cores are strong paperboard tubes or cylinders primarily usable in fabric, adhesive, electrical, paper product and converting industries as a sturdy base around which to wind materials for storage. Depending on the intended use of the tubes, paper cores can be made from heavy-duty thick cardboard for industries such as fabric and electrical, whereas for toilet paper or paper towels, the cores can be made from thinner, less durable cardboard or paper.

Made for a wide range of applications, paper cores have a wide range of combinations of diameter, thickness and length. Paper Cores are manufactured to provide stable structure from the inside of a product roll to provide a sturdy support at base. A core has to be able to withstand the pressure of the material which is to be wound around it.

Paper cores are essential provides a space saving as they are able to be used for tapes, cloths and similar materials which would take up more space in other methods of storage. Furthermore, it also protect materials from knotting, crinkling and tearing.

Although other substitutes are available in the market like plastic cores but paper proves consistently to be the more cost-effective, practical and environmentally sustainable solution. Paper is by far easier for manufacturers to cut, purchase and recycle than most other materials and is extremely versatile in terms of range of uses and fabrications.



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