Surya Herbals



Based out of Noida, National Capital Region, Surya Herbals offers a line of personal care & herbal care.   Inspired by nature, Surya’s products are made from 100% organic ingredients.


As a brand, Surya Herbals needed packaging that stood out in the retail environment, while exuding the holistic approach and luxury of the brand.


To ensure all needs were met, Surya worked with Eco Canister to develop their packaging from the ground up. This allowed Surya to be involved with every step, customizing their retail paper tube packaging so it fulfilled all functional requirements and conveyed their brand attributes through the design and materials used.

Since they were packaging their products in glass bottles, the quality packaging was very much required. An intense Research and development for this phase was required to keep packaging user friendly and protected.


Surya’s packaging exudes their brand values and attributes. The package has the same hand-crafted feel of their products. Our packaging not only protect the delicate product during shipping and on the retail shelf, but is reusable as well. Each package doubles as the travel case, which is exactly what Surya had in mind.

The overall strategy and competencies to design packaging that stood out in a retail environment, increasing point-of-purchase sales, was thoroughly achieved. In the two years since Surya Herbals was developed they have experience rapid growth. Their Herbal & personal care products are now being carried by boutiques and high-end department stores throughout the Delhi & NCR.


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