Off late plastic pollution is increasing day by day which is affecting the environment. This is leading to hazardous changes in climate, land, oceans, humans, and animals. It is one of the biggest environmental concerns at present time and now the challenge is how to stop using plastic. One of the solutions that we have is the more use of recyclable materials.
We at Eco-canister maintain an eco-friendly environment and produce eco-friendly products that are recyclable. We care for the present and future safety of our environment. Our products are made of eco-friendly materials such as biodegradable and recycled Kraft board that are not hazardous for the environment. Paper tubes are manufactured from recycled paper which makes them a cost-efficient and environment friendly alternative to metal, plastic, glass, and wood.
We manufacture products like Composite container, Paper fiber drum, Paper core, Paper cans, Round paper boxes, Paper tubes, Poster tubes, and Kraft mailing tubes. One can use these products for various purposes like for household use, automobile, for making toys, etc. These products are also used across various industries such as in the Food Industry, Chemical industry, Textile industry, Cotton industry and Pharma industry for packaging. Mailing paper tubes keep food products dry and moisture-free during transportation.

CONCLUSION: Paper cores became one of the best substitutes in the packaging market for providing the compact packaging of beverages including alcoholic and non-alcoholic following the recent government guidelines in reference to save environment mission.


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